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A Few Small Things That Can Make a Bad Day a Bit Better

We all have bad days. Days when it seems as though the whole universe is against us (stupid universe).

On those days, self-care is vital.

You need to look after yourself. Sometimes, illnesses like depression can leave you feeling so low that you feel like nothing in the world can make it better. I call those days my ‘Mental Health Days’.

When I’m having one of these Mental Health Days, there are a few things I try to do to, to push myself into doing something productive. Some of these things may not work for you, some might just get you thinking about what you can do next, and maybe that’s enough.


Water, water everywhere and please go get a drink. Keeping hydrated is important, it’s essential to keep your kidneys functioning and can help prevent headaches. Coffee, tea and the like are also good, but nothing will hydrate you quite like water.

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Bad day? Fancy a takeaway? Well, okay you could do that, and that might make you feel better…for about five seconds before the regret of that last spring roll kicks in (we’ve all been there). If you can, try to eat something healthier or swap your cravings to a healthy alternative. Chocolate muffin? Why not try swapping it with a portion of fruit?

Baby Steps

Stress can make every task ahead of you feel like an uphill struggle, and illnesses like anxiety can trick you into feeling guilty about not doing those things. Stop. Take a deep breath and think – what one action can you take right now? Nothing too big. It could be something as small as putting your slippers on.

What’s On?

Sometimes, it can help to concentrate on a world that’s not your own. You could try to watch an episode of your favourite show, and feel your problems vacate for an hour or so. I would personally recommend something light and humorous, but if watching something bloody and gory will lift your spirits – then no judgement here (I’m looking at you, fellow GoT fans).

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Can’t Watch TV? How About a Chapter Instead?

If the above doesn’t appeal to you (it’s okay I’m not offended), you can still apply the above to a book. It is recommended that we read everyday, but it can be hard to find time when the world is caving in on you. You might find some peace by losing yourself in the pages.

Put Your Phone Away

Eek, this is scary. What do we do now? What will happen when you stop spending hours and hours on social media? What will happen if you don’t scroll through those annoying Facebook posts, shady Insta ads and Twitter trolls? Nothing. Nothing will happen – accept, you will feel freedom from social negativity.

And If All Else Fails…

Make your bed. Sounds simple enough, right? Actually this can be really hard if you have a mental illness that makes getting out of bed torturous. But, if you get out of bed and make your bed, you will remove that temptation to climb back in. Trust me on this one.

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