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When You Feel Hard Done By

There you are folks! Someone you thought was all that, has disappointed you (once again). Not the best feeling in the world.

It’s hard. We all like to believe the best in people, that they have our backs and that we were their best intention. And sadly, they let you down again, and again.

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In such a situation, it seems that there’s only two options for you;

…Either, you accept that we’re human, we have flaws and maybe their flaw is that they can’t keep track of what’s important.

…Or, you can simply let go of that negativity.

This feels like the harshest option. Or is it?

You may feel more inclined to accept human nature, the way it is. And that’s okay! You’re a very understanding person and kudos to you!

However, take note of your feelings right now. You feel hurt, and it’s not your fault. So, should you feel bad for someone else? It might be useful to take a moment, and consider that perhaps their values are different to your own. It’s okay to have people in your life that do not have the same values as you. The world would be boring if it was full of people that thought the same.

But remember that respect works both ways; if you feel as though you are giving more respect than you’re receiving, then maybe it is time to cut those apron strings.

As the almighty Joan Jett says: ‘You lose nothing when you lose fake friends’.

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