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Letting People In

Okay so this may seem like a controversy to the last post about letting people go (if you haven’t read that, then feel free to give it a cheeky read), but as important as that is, it is also good to let people in.

Picture the scene: You decide that everyone in your world is different to you, and you let them all go in search for a peaceful life. Hang on a minute! Everyone? Seems pretty lonely to me, especially when you are having a day of suffering or actually having an amazing day and wish to share it with others.

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People are different. No one is perfect. It is key to prioritise your time with people who bring positivity to your life. Some people don’t do that, and you can allocate them some of your time, if they’re people like flatmates, co-workers or even family, then you may need to give yourself time away from them.

If you give people your true, authentic self and they respond accordingly, then these people are good people. In the end, we all want to be around those who accept us, warts and all (although maybe you should see a doctor if you have warts). Learning to tolerate people, can also be a good mechanism to have in place for when you’re at that family dinner that makes you so uncomfortable. If you can accept people for their flaws, and then walk away, then honey you are a star!

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Likewise, as you are able to choose the friends in your life, you can choose your family members too. Yes, yes, yes, we’ve all heard that ‘blood is thicker than water’, but…is it? (Also, we’re talking in a non-scientific sense here, obvs blood is thicker than water).

Picture the scene! (This is getting very dreamy, amiright?!) You’re at a family gathering and everyone is giving you grief. Maybe its your sense of style (work it hunty), or maybe you pronounced a word incorrectly (own it). Or, and this is something on a whole other level, it’s you. It’s your sexuality, or gender-identity, or sense of humour, or religion, or what ever it is that makes you…well, you. That is an important line to draw. Yeah maybe it wasn’t wise to wear black and navy together (a style tip from me to you), but you are great. End of. See ya later alligator.

If you’re around people that put you down for who you are, then those people do not deserve you. In time, you get to choose your tribe (AHS fans channel your inner Misty Day). Your friends can be your family, your significant other can be your family. Give space to ones who take yours up, and negatively impact it. And give time to ones who give you theirs, and positively impact it.

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