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Saying No

Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel right. You want to be sociable, but you don’t feel that spark that you used to have. You don’t have that urge to go off with your friends and be wild – to be you. It’s great when you feel like that, you feel on top of the world; but if you’re having a bad mental health day, you don’t (see more about feeling better on a bad mental health day, click the link). Anxiety can do that, it makes you put on a brave face to hide how you truly feel.

You can say no. It’s hard, but it’s there. Knowing your limits can be a blessing, it’s that inner voice that knows best and can lead you on the right path (unlike that one that says mean things, that b***h).

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That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t have fun. Go wild hunty! But when it feels like it’s time to go home…go home. If your friends are truly there for you (yasss squad, squad, squad), then they’ll understand. You won’t enjoy the party if you’re forcing it. Yes, it might feel as though you’ve wasted money on buying that cute outfit (you look gorgeous by the way), or the taxis to take you home (thank goodness for Uber). Don’t listen to that nagging thought, it’s there to make you feel guilty, and make you believe that people think badly of you.

We live in a society today, where its deemed “uncool” to be the one who goes home first, or the one who doesn’t drink at the party. When we tell someone we’re unwell, they think we have a cold (or if they’re the judgemental people we like to avoid) they’ll say you’re faking it (ugh, I hate these people). Perhaps, it is time to accept that when people say that they’re not feeling very well, it might not just be something physically upsetting them.

Go to wherever you feel safe. If your home is safe, go there, if it’s a friend’s house, go there. Don’t feel ashamed to be vulnerable, that’s just you protecting you. You’ve got this. And don’t worry, there will be plenty more occasions for you to have fun, tonight just might not be one of them.

Photo Credit 📷: Gregory Pappas

Feature Photo Credit 📷: Kai Pilger

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