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Self Care Experiment: Days 4-6

The journey continues folks, and from what I observed throughout the first three days of this experiment, the jury is still out. If you haven’t seen my review of the first three days, check it out now (it’ll explain a lot if you’re new).

Day 4: Get Dressy

Whilst this was on my list of self care practises, I already knew that getting dressed up was going to happen – I had a birthday party to attend (cue social anxiety). Before the party, I was getting in my head. The whole house was abuzz with stress, and it must have transferred onto me.

However, once I had gotten my glad rags on, and my makeup done, I felt better and I looked pretty good (sorry, no pictures – no one took on from my best angle anyway). Being the one of the first people at the party though, brought on the anxiety. What do you even do when you’re the first ones there? Who do you talk to? How many drinks are you allowed before everyone else arrives?

Once the party started, and the dancing begun (it’s amazing what alcohol will do), it turned out to be a fun night. The combination of looking great, and a friendly crowd, made a difference in my mood.

Photo Credit 📷: Raphael Lovaski

Review: Parties can be stressful. Looking good can make you feel good. Sometimes alcohol can help.


Day 5: Make a Positive Playlist

Now, I know what you’re thinking…and no, I wasn’t hungover (yasss queen). Unfortunately, I did wake up with sore feet, bags under my eyes and I was pretty tired. I don’t know about you but, when I’m tired, I get grumpy.

So, I went onto Spotify and created a playlist, with the condition that it could not contain any sad songs. And you bet I was ruthless. I already have a sad playlist (who doesn’t) and let’s be honest – sad songs are some of the best songs. Sometimes you need a sad song to fit the mood, or get the water works going, but equally sad songs can make a situation much worse. My rules for making this playlist was to only include songs with positive lyrics, even if the woes were backed by a banging tune.

I can definitely see the benefit in doing this. Much like the practise from Day 4, if your surroundings are good then, it can help to pick your mood up. By only listening to positive lyrics, and a boppy beat, it removes the triggers experienced from listening to sorrowful ballads (the ones that take you back to that specific time). I cannot give out all of the songs in the playlist (there’s like 5 hours worth of songs on there), but here are my top 10:

Photo Credit 📷: Me
  1. thank u, next – Ariana Grande
  2. La Isla Bonita – Madonna
  3. Come and Get Your Love – Redbone
  4. Piece of My Heart – Janis Joplin
  5. I Want to Break Free – Queen
  6. Countdown – Beyoncé
  7. Mrs. Robinson – Simon & Garfunkel
  8. I’m Coming Out – Diana Ross
  9. Mr. Brightside – The Killers (British club classic)
  10. Seven Wonders – Fleetwood Mac

Review: Tiredness can kill a mood. Music is a gift. Sad songs are cancelled.


Day 6: Doing Nothing But My Hobbies All Day

After regaining my strength from the days before, and with no plans, I decided to dedicate Day 6 to my hobbies. I have had many hobbies in the past, but the ones I already dedicate most of my free time to are: cross-stitching, crocheting and playing video games (old granny, old granny and cool lesbian). Due to being in the process of moving house, I was unable to do any crocheting, so I spent my day cross-stitching and playing video games.

Last week, I finished playing Red Dead Redemption 2 (would fully recommend), and I have just started playing Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, and if you have played the latter, you’ll know that the beginning is intense. This game is not a slow burner, and I was hooked immediately. I spent about an hour or so (I never keep track) on this, and I could have easily spent another three, but I decided to move onto my next hobby: cross-stitching.

Photo Credit 📷: Ugur Akdemir

My grandmother taught me how to cross-stitch was I was young, and I’ve carried it on ever since; there is something oddly therapeutic about sticking a needle through a hole repeatedly (take that as you will). I have previously spent the past few months on an octopus cross-stick, and I’m currently working on a chocolate Labrador. I love cross-stitching, and I can spend hours doing it, but eventually, I have to stop.

Having a day to spend time with my hobbies was great, but eventually it got a boring. I came to realise that my hobbies include a lot of sitting around, and whilst I’m not the most active of people (pfft, you don’t say), it would have been nice to do something else. Perhaps, this was useful in showing me how I spend my free time, and how I could pick up a new, more active hobby.

Photo Credit 📷:Ugur Akdemir

Review: Having a hobby is great. Sitting around all day is not fun. Suggestions are welcome.



Since this experiment is nearly a week old, let’s have a look at how it’s going. On average, the self care practises are scoring around 3.8/5…which we can round up to 4/5. It is too early to tell if they’re making a profound difference on my mental wellbeing, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty more days (and activities) to come.

Photo Credit 📷: Tara Evans

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