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Self Care Experiment: Days 22-24

Let’s just do quick check-in (how you been gurl?). We are on the home stretch of this experiment, and so far the results are showing that the majority of these self care practises are enjoyable and beneficial – with the average score being 4/5.

Day 22: Paint Your Nails/(Or Get Your Hair Done)

Did you know that nail polish dates back to 3000BC China? (Who knew?)

I’m am not a huge fan of painting my nails or fake nails (and basically anything in this field), and I only really paint my nails if I’m going to a party or fancy occasion. On a normal day, I keep them short and plain (a.k.a practically perfect), but since I’m on a budget (and hair salons are extortionate) I opted to paint my nails. A friend of mine suggested that since I’m going to paint them for this experiment, I should do them bright red – and honestly I didn’t particularly care. For me, the worst part about painting your nails is trying to decipher whether they’re dry. If you are not inclined to painting your nails, you basically have to decide whether they’re: A. Dry enough to apply a top coat and B. Dry enough that you can perform day-to-day tasks without worry of smudging the polish.

I have never developed this skill (and if you are one of the lucky few that can decipher this moment, I have no choice but to consider it witchcraft). Hence, I didn’t enjoy this practise, purely because I have never had an easy breezy experience painting my nails (and I just want to go back to plain Jane nails).

Photo Credit 📷: Joanna Kosinska

Review: Red means danger and has connotations for Curley’s Wife. Nail painting does not bring me any joy. Plain Jane all the way.


Day 23: Grow a Plant

Many of us grow fruits, vegetables and flowers in our gardens or allotments (these are the real adults here), and there has been evidence to suggest that being green-fingered has benefits for us. Having a piece of nature around you (indoors or outdoors) can bring peace and improve productivity (I’m assuming this comes in the form of actually keeping these bad boys alive). Yet, if you’re someone like me (and who wouldn’t want to be me), plants can also be problematic, as plants produce pollen (and pollen makes me sneeze…maybe you wouldn’t want to be me). So, I prefer my plants to stay outside so that I can take refuge inside.

As the global bee population has plummeted in recent years (this is a big deal), scientists and the like, have been trying to find solutions that will bring the fuzzy bums back to our gardens. For this practise, I took an empty trough that was previously used to grow spinach (which failed miserably), and acquired some wildflower seeds, specifically chosen to attract bees. It’s been a while since I’ve grown anything, but planting these seeds with the hope that solitary bees might come visit (and take up residence in the nearby bee hotels), did make the process meaningful. It’s too early to tell if I have actually managed to grow anything, but if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I will endeavour to keep you updated.

Photo Credit 📷: Jenna Lee

Review: Pollen is good for plant but not my nose. Save the bees. Bets are now open on if I actually grow anything.


Day 24: Exercise

(I much prefer extra fries)

Love it or loathe it, you cannot deny that being active isn’t healthy for you. It is recommended that we do around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise (walking, swimming, etc.) or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise (running, Zumba, etc.), per week. PER WEEK! I am not the kinda girl who thinks that an hour of spin class is appealing (but then again, I am the kinda girl who doesn’t find most forms of exercise appealing). During an average week, I walk the dog for an hour for 5 days (someone else in the family takes her on the other two days, before you start spouting hate Brenda), and I have started doing badminton once a week.

On Day 24, I was having a funny turn, where nothing I did to try to relax was working, I felt irritable and mentally exhausted. Later on that day though, I went to play badminton for an hour – and it did wonders. I’m not too bad at badminton, and I can make some pretty decent shots (my speciality being drop shots), so winning points gave me motivation. Yet, even when I missed a shot or my doubles partner had missed a shot, I felt even more motivated to win the next one. Afterwards, I was tired but I also felt mentally refreshed.

Photo Credit 📷: Frame Harirak

Review: Exercise is important, but difficult sometimes. Spin class can spin off. Moving can shake off bad vibes.


Photo Credit 📷: Clem Onojeghuo

Week 3 Review

We’re past the three week mark now, so let’s see how the results are playing out. Combining the results from Weeks 1-3, the average self care score is…3.58…but we’ll call that 4/5. This has been the consistent score throughout this process, and if I was a betting gal, I’d say it’s likely to be the end score. But who knows? Anything can happen in a week or so – stay tuned for the final week.

Photo Credit 📷: Markus Spiske

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