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Self Care Experiment: Days 25-27

This will be the penultimate SCE post! Also, I have a little announcement to make. I will be taking break from writing over June (I know, I know, don’t cry). My social media pages will still be active, and I’ll be back to posting in July. But that’s not all (ooh), as June is LGBT Pride Month (yasss queen) I will be featuring guest posts from LGBT+ people, who will be sharing their experiences with mental health. If you would like to contribute, feel free to comment on this post, or send me a message via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Day 25: Have a Bath

When we see self care posts on Instagram or Pinterest, we tend to see images of (typically) women in luxurious baths with candles, wine and a bath bomb from Lush (where are all the male bathers?).

So, I did exactly that.

I rarely take baths, but since I have moved back home and there is a bath ready and waiting, I thought I would try to be an Instagram-able bath babe. So, picture the scene (stop that, cheeky) – a hot bath, glass of wine, bath time Spotify playlist, and Butterball bath bomb from Lush. The beginning of the bath was great, the steam swirling around the bath, my muscles feeling relaxed, and the bath bomb smelt fabulous. And towards the end of the bath? Well, I still enjoyed it, but the heat from the bath and the alcohol became too much, and I felt like I was cooking myself. Perhaps I need to hone my bath making skills, as I could definitely see myself having more baths…although I may have to swap the wine for water (a reverse Jesus).

Photo Credit 📷: Jared Rice

Review: Baths aren’t just for Instagram. Heat and booze need to learn to be friends. Baths: A New Hope?


Day 26: Face Mask

The pinnacle of self care Instagram – the face mask. Bad day? Do a face mask. Good day? Face mask. Want to mildly pretend that you have your life together? Face mask. The world is rife with influencers promoting face masks as the way to beautiful, blemish-free skin, and to clear the mind and soul.

I bought a Dead Sea peel face mask from Holland & Barrett, that claimed to detoxify my skin, improve my skin’s texture and other pithy claims. It was a mud-based mask that came in a powder, and combined with water and applied to the face, resembled a sloppy bogey (nice). I looked gross! Don’t get me wrong, it was cooling and didn’t irritate my face (I am a sensitive being), which was a huge bonus. But, my issue with peel masks is, I’m pretty sure that the only reason it makes your face feel soft, is because it peels all the little hairs on your face off. I like face masks, but self care is more than a one-time face mask.

Photo Credit 📷: Isabell Winter

Review: Self care is more than quick beauty. Peel masks are meh. Bogey face was a lewk.


Day 27: Create a Vision Board

What is a vision board? I hear you say. Well, let’s find out.

After looking through Pinterest, I took the main topics that people had outlined as key features of a vision board: personal growth, health, finances, travel, relationships and so on. Then I spent about an hour gathering inspirational images, quotes and general Tumblr aesthetic pictures, and imported them all into a collage. So everyone…what is a vision board? I still don’t know! I spent hours following this step-by-step guide on how to create a digital vision board that claimed to project my values and goals in a manner that would motivate me – I just don’t think that it worked. It didn’t looked like flow and aesthetically pleasing; more like a tacky picture vomit (and that’s the tea). It was good to write down and reflect on my values for each of these areas, but the actual vision board was a flop.

Photo Credit 📷: Andy Art

Review: What is a vision board? Is it actually useful? S/o to anyone who actually knows the answer.


Photo Credit 📷: Hans Vivek

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