Guest Post: Becoming a Proud Demisexual

To kick off my Pride month section, we have a post from a very good friend of mine… ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful Miss Katie (a round of applause please)!

Hello! I’m Katie and I am a cisgender lesbian demisexual. My passion is helping others in need, with a dream of one day running my own dog shelter. After being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease, I have become an advocate for those suffering with this life-changing illness; its a very misunderstood disease to say the least.

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Coming Out

I didn’t realise that I was gay until I was 16, and in hindsight, I blame my not knowing of whether or not I was gay on my demisexuality, as I wasn’t actually attracted to anyone until I was 16. Coming from a family who is incredibly loving and supporting of the LGBT+ community, I wasn’t scared about the prospect of telling my family that I was gay. In fact, what scared me the most, was coming to terms with my asexuality. It really messed with my head, and even today, I still have moments where I struggle to comprehend it. My head would tell me that nobody would ever love me, that I would be lonely forever, and that I was broken.

Over time, the thoughts stopped and now I know that there is nothing wrong with me. Asexuality is a spectrum, and it is as natural as breathing. Whenever I find myself having these negative thoughts about my demisexuality, I try to talk to someone who understands, like my therapist (who is demisexual too!). If I can’t, I like to focus on something else, such as playing with my dog, crocheting or having a relaxing bath. Sometimes, just picturing a happy and peaceful future can make all the difference.

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A Message to Those Like Me

To anyone who is going through something like this, my advice would be to build a support network for yourself – good people like friends, family, or fellow asexuals. Having people around me, who love me for who I am, with no judgement, has made my life better and easier. I would also recommend that you find a hobby, where you can take a moment for yourself. It’s not about distancing yourself from everyone around you, taking time for self care is so important, and I cannot encourage it enough.

And remember, the LGBT+ community is filled with the most amazing, unique and caring souls, and that’s why people fear us, because we have nothing but love for each other.

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If you would like to follow Katie on her journey through recovery from Lyme Disease, you can follow her Instagram, justagirlwithlyme.

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