LGBT+ Glossary

As we’re striving for tolerance and acceptance, more people are openly identifying themselves as being who they are. Sometimes though, it can be confusing. If you’re ever finding yourself struggling to understand, or just want to educate yourself, feel free to refer back to this list.

Agender – a person with no (or little) connection to the traditional gender system, and thus doesn’t identify either male or female.

Ally – a person (typically straight/and or cisgender) who supports the LGBT+ community.

Aromantic – experiences little to no romantic attraction.

Asexual – experiences little to no sexual attraction.

Bigender – a person who fluctuates between traditional male and female behaviour.

Bisexual – a person who experiences attraction to men and women (although this may not be an equal balance of attraction).

Cisgender – when someone identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth.

Demiromantic – experiences little to no romantic attraction, until a strong sexual connection is formed with someone.

Demisexual – experiences little to no sexual attraction, until a strong romantic attraction is formed.

Drag King – someone who performs hyper-masculinity theatrically.

Drag Queen – someone who performs hyper-femininity theatrically.

Gay – an umbrella term used by people who are only attracted to members of the same gender.

Genderfluid – someone who identifies as a mixture of male and female, which can shift daily.

Gender Identity – how one identifies one’s gender.

Heterosexual – someone who is only attracted to members of the opposite gender.

Homosexual – someone who is only attracted to members of the same gender (use gay or lesbian where preferable).

Intersex – someone whose genitals differs from typical male or female genitals (previously known as hermaphrodite, though this is now considered a derogatory term).

Lesbian – a woman who is only attracted to other women.

Pansexual – a person who experiences attracted to all gender identities/expressions (often shortened to pan).

Polyamorous – the practise of having a consensual non-monogamous relationships (i.e. multiple partners).

Queer – an umbrella term for those who do not identify as straight or cisgender (some people take offence to this word, particularly when said by a straight/cisgender person, although some in the community use it to refrain from using labels).

Skoliosexual – someone who is attracted to trans, gender fluid and non-binary people.

Transgender – a gender description for someone who has transitioned from their birth gender to the gender they identify as.

Transexual – someone who identifies as a different gender to the one they were assigned as at birth.

Transvestite – a person who dressed in the opposite binary gender attire (a.k.a. cross-dresser), reasons for this could include for fun, but should not be confused with transexual.

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