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Morning Routine Challenge

My dear readers! Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of post last week (my bad). Having recently started my Masters degree, a new part-time job and trying to squeeze some time for my relationships, I simply ran out of time to produce a post worthy of your time – I’d rather spend more time in crafting my usual high quality (pfft, sure Jan) material.

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On with the post! Now I don’t know about you depressos, but there are certain times in the day where Debbie the Depression Monster rears her ugly head. Her favourite times to make her presence known is the morning and evening, because why wouldn’t you want to start and end your day in misery? Whilst I kind of have my evening routine down (thank goodness for sleep-inducing antidepressants), my morning routine is a mess. Unless I have to be somewhere for a particular time in morning, getting myself up, dressed and ready to rumble is an almighty challenge. Sometimes simple tasks seem like they’re too difficult, and there are often times where I sit and stare because Debbie has taken control. She makes me feel like shit for being lazy, when she is the one making me unable to move. She makes me think terrible thoughts, because she wants me to hurt myself.

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But what makes a successful morning? What do we define as ‘success’? If you look at magazines, like Forbes, they will often produce articles on how CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc., plan their mornings to ensure that their days are productive. Now, I don’t have a business or a 9-5 weekday job where I have to strut around an office in a power suit, with a reusable coffee cup filled with Starbucks trash. I do, however, have a Masters to smash – so in a way, I need to be motivated to study. My success will be defined as being able to get up and ready to start studying in the morning, and not blitzing it in the afternoon because I’ve spent the morning wrestling with Deb.

After researching through the morning routines of these ‘successful’ people, I have compiled a list of the most popular morning practises, I have come up with the routine I will be attempting for a month:

  1. Waking Up Early – (fml) I plan to wake up 15 minutes earlier until I hit 8am, and then waking up everyday at 8am (yes, including weekends).
  2. Drinking hot water with lemon – Sounds like something an anti-vaxxer would suggest, but I guess there’s only one way to find out if it’ll improve my mornings!
  3. Exercise – At least 10 minutes of dancing or walking (time to crank up the Cher playlist)
  4. Shower and Dress – obviously (the world isn’t ready for me to strut around naked)
  5. Breakfast – Arguably (definitely) my favourite part of the morning
  6. Power Hour – Apparently these successful peeps spend part of their mornings getting emotionally invested in their work ahead (weird flex but okay), so I will be spending at least half an hour (fuck your hour) listening to something inspirational
  7. Gratitude Journal – If you cast your minds back to my Self Care Challenge in May, you may remember that on Day 10, my task was to complete a gratitude journal entry. Well that one-day entry, is about to turn into a month-long journey
  8. Plan the Day – I kinda do this already, and I’m one of those people who makes plans for everything (Scar didn’t sing a song about being prepared for nothing), so I know this is going to be easy
  9. Meditate or Read – Again, the legends who have been following this blog for a few months (the Golden Crew), will remember that I also did a reading and meditation activity on Day 9 and Day 13. For those who are newer to this blog, I basically loved the reading and found meditation useless – but never say never, let’s give this peace and harmony malarky another try!
  10. Eat the Frog First – Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of this phrase before either, but essentially, it means that you should do the most difficult task first (here goes nothing).
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And there is my challenge! I hope to document my morning journey as I go, and if you would like to join me in trying to perk up your mornings, give me a shout by commenting on this post/on Facebook/or Instagram!

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