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Morning Routine Challenge: Week 1

Good morning everyone! It has been a week since I began my routine journey, with the aim of improving my morning motivation, kicking Debbie the Depression Monster’s arse and smashing my uni work (yasss Queen). Has is been successful? Have I grabbed the early bird by the worm? Well, dear reader, I can only say…I have not.

Photo Credit 📷: Mink Mingle 

Here is how successful I was:

  1. Waking Up at 8:35am – Now I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t an early start (but ya gal doesn’t have to get up for no one), and for the most part, I get up around this time anyway. However, Annie the Anxiety Monster sees an alarm as an opportunity to wake me up before it chimes, because heaven forbid it actually go off (fuck you, Annie). Couple this with disturbed sleep, and you have the recipe for a tired, groggy Jess. Thus, I have decided to replace this step, with a more natural approach
  2. Hot Water and Lemon – According to anti-vax mums on Pinterest (burn), drinking this citrus blend can help clear the skin, boost digestion and improve the immune system. I remain very undecided about this. I don’t dislike the taste, and it’s kinda refreshing to have a hot drink in the morning that’s not tea or coffee. But, considering that I take medication for acne shows that it probably doesn’t clear skin, and although I have noticed a suppression in appetite, this awful cold I have at the moment is clear that it definitely doesn’t improve the immune system. I would like to continue doing this though, because it isn’t necessarily affecting me negatively (yet)
  3. 10 Minutes of Dancing – Okay, so I only did this for Days 1-2, because quite frankly, I didn’t have the energy (or patience, let’s be real) to carry it on. Have you tried bopping away to I Kissed a Girl before breakfast? Didn’t think so, and I see how moving could help people get pumped for the day, but I just don’t care about it enough – so whilst I did kiss a girl, and liked it, that’s as far as it goes
  4. Shower and Dress – Pretty consistent, as public nudity is generally frowned upon
  5. Breakfast – I found that delaying breakfast was difficult at first, but once I had my mind focused on getting ready, I forgot about being hungry. That being said, I think I’m going to bring breakfast forward
  6. Power Hour – What as waste of time. By the time I was up, dressed and fed, I wanted to crack on with the day. So, wasting time trying to listen to something inspirational, even when I coupled it with Steps 7-8, didn’t equate to half an hour. Bye, bye, loser hour (you think you’re cool, but you’re not)
  7. Gratitude Journal – I still like the idea of being aware of the little things, so I’m going to put more effort into this, and perhaps start writing earlier on in the morning
  8. Planning – As you can imagine, jotting down all the jobs you need to get done, is a useful way to combat stress
  9. Reading or Meditating – Much like the Power Hour, this didn’t really happen due to the motivation I felt after breakfast (later haters)
  10. Eating the Frog First – I still hate this phrase, but oh boy do I think it’s brilliant. After constructing my to-do list, singling out the most taxing or difficult task on the list, and tackling that first, made the rest if the day go smoother. 10/10 frogs!
Photo Credit 📷: Dan Dimmock 

Has this experience been useful in adjusting a morning routine to suit me? Absolutely! So far I’ve learnt that (naturally) anti-vaxxers are wrong about hot water and lemon, but that I don’t hate it, and that breakfast is very important to me.

Going forward, Week 2’s routine will now consist of:

  1. Waking Up with the Sun – Instead of setting an alarm that Annie will take control of, I plan to open the curtains a bit before I go to sleep, and let Mother Nature wake me up
  2. Hot Water with Lemon – Because why the hell not
  3. Breakfast – Hallelujah
  4. Shower and Dress
  5. Gratitude Journal – We can do this!
  6. Planning the Day
  7. Eating that Damn Frog
Photo Credit 📷: Dan Counsell

Will this change my mornings? Will I feel more positive? Who knows…stay tuned folks.

Featured Image Credit 📷: Carli Jeen

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