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Morning Routine Challenge: Week 2

We are half way through everyone (whoop whoop!), and thus (good word), it is time to analyse the week. If you remember from the previous post on Week 1, you’ll remember that I made some changes to the aforementioned (another good word, killing it babe) routine.

Here’s a little refresher for you:

  1. Waking up with the sun
  2. Hot water and lemon
  3. Breakfast
  4. Shower and dress
  5. Gratitude journal
  6. Planning the day
  7. Eating the frog (fucking frogs)
Photo Credit 📷: Kinga Cichewicz

This week, I found waking up with the sun to be a wonderful thing to do, especially on days where there was no strict time that I had to be awake. When it came to working on Saturday morning, I kept my curtains open a bit, but made sure that there was an alarm to definitely wake up me if need be – but on the whole, this is a practise I would love to carry forward over the next couple of weeks (and perhaps longer). Yet again, the hot water and lemon has remained a refreshing alternative to caffeinated teas and coffee. I will say that after a while, the drink kinda tastes like Cif (not the taste anyone is after), but I haven’t felt the need for caffeine as instantaneously (did you swallow a dictionary today?) as before. I still don’t believe in any of the anti-vax bullshit (because I’m not brainwash fodder), I have simply begun to enjoy an alternative. Moving breakfast forward has improved my morning mood, because ya gal gets hangry (the stomach wants what it wants bro), and I can confirm that public nudity is still very much frowned upon, so the getting dressed part has remained a constant. As for the gratitude journal…look, I tried (in a not really kind of way) and I just struggle to find a moment to sit down and think about something I am grateful for. It’s probably something that comes with time, yes, I get that, but for now this is an option that isn’t working for me. Planning my day, along with eating the frog first, has continued to be a success, with my days becoming more productive than ever.

Photo Credit 📷: Glenn Carstens-Peters

Together, the steps I have been taking to improve my mornings have been beneficial. Not only do I feel better when I have had a day of ticking off everything on my to-do list, but it gives my head the freedom from worrying about wasting my time. However, along the route, I have encountered a problem that has been stopping me from flowing from one step to the next – and that problem is my phone. Ah yes, the first world problem stopping everyone from Millennials to Gen Z’ers (like me) from developing a healthier mindset. Our smartphones aren’t so smart when it comes to distracting us. In particular, I have discovered that I have been exploiting the peacefulness of the mornings by playing games on my phone, resulting in “I’ll get up after this” and “One more race on Mario Kart”. Sure, most of us use our phones for alarms, messaging, emails and predicting the day ahead, but imagine what it would be like without that distraction.

Photo Credit 📷: Max Duzij

This week, I’m taking out the gratitude journal (it’s not you, it’s me) and I’m also removing my distracting phone. Thats right, from the moment the sun awakes me from my dreary slumber, until I’m planning my day, I am going to go phone-free. Is it going to be tough? Oh hell yes, like most people nowadays, I’m probably addicted to my phone. Will it be worth it? Only time will tell.

Going into Week 3, this will be my morning routine:

  1. Wake with the sunrise (no phones allowed)
  2. Hot water and lemon
  3. Breakfast
  4. Shower and dress
  5. Plan the day (switching back on)
  6. Eating those delicious frogs first
Photo Credit 📷: Maya Maceka 

See you next week!

Featured Image Credit 📷: Orlova Maria

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