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Morning Routine Challenge: Week 3

Good morning everyone!

We are on Week 3 of the Morning Routine Challenge, so here is a run-down on what’s been happening. If you’re not up to date with how this challenge has been running, or simply want a refresher, then now would be a great time to read all the good stuff from Week 1 and Week 2.

On with the show!

Photo Credit 📷: Sashank Saye

This week, I attempted to spend the first half of my morning routine without my phone in my dressing gown pocket. For the most part, the attempt at removing cellular distractions (I’m looking at you Mario Kart) did help keep the momentum going. I even decided to swap playing on games and scrolling through social media drivel, with reading my book. I found that I could read two chapters of my book in the same time it would take me to eat my breakfast, drink my hot water with lemon, and play on games. In some respects, I have now found a new distraction (let’s call a spade a spade), but I would much rather spend that time invested in literature, than trying to get 5 stars on Mario Kart (if you would like to see what I’m reading, feel free to head over to my Goodreads page!).

Drinking hot water and lemon continues to be pleasant alternative to tea and coffee, although there is still no miracle affect on my skin or immune system (but we knew that would happen). Bringing breakfast forward has been brilliant, as I am no longer a hangry monster, and I have even been attempting to eat healthier breakfasts. Public nudity and good hygiene still reign, so the showering and dressing part has remained the same.

Photo Credit 📷: Alisha Hieb

Here we come to the (somewhat) problem of the week: planning my day. Last time I said that this was an aspect of my routine that I saw value in, but this week has been a great deal different. This week, my mental health has not been good. I’m going to be completely honest here, I have had some horrible, dark thoughts over the past week. I’ve cried, screamed into my pillow, broken down and have struggled to do even the most basic tasks. So, trying to plan a productive day has been harder this week, and in some respects, even contributed to my anxiety.

As well, I am currently having a particularly tough time with driving anxiety. In August, I passed my driving test (finally) and even got myself a little car. I know that I can drive, I’m not careless, I’m not reckless…yet still I find myself getting worked up at the prospect of driving anywhere. Therefore, inducing more thought about it in the morning, is building that anxiety to a point where I don’t want to do anything. I have often coupled any driving I need to do in the day, with eating the frog first, and it has been helping. However, going forward into the final week of this challenge, I want to change this part of the routine. To give myself peace of mind, I will now incorporate planning the day into my nighttime routine. Will this take away some of the anxiety? Will it make me feel more motivated to just get on with it? I don’t know, but the beauty is, I’ll find out in a week’s time.

Photo Credit 📷: Eduard Militaru

And so, the morning routine now stands as this:

  1. Wake up with the sun (no phones allowed)
  2. Hot water and lemon
  3. Breakfast
  4. Shower and dress
  5. Eat the frog first

Into the final week we go…see you next time for Week 4.

Featured Image Credit 📷: Nathan Dumlao

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