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Hello everyone! Tomorrow, us Brits will be taking to the polls to vote in the general election. When it comes to voting, peer pressure and cloudy lies, can really bring us down. In this week’s post, we’ll discuss why the political system is so toxic, and what you can do to limit your exposure. Whilst this post is primarily aimed at the UK’s General Election 2019, some of the content will be relevant about politics globally.

On with the post!

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BREXIT! My god…anyone else sick of hearing that word (because I sure am). Whichever way you stand on it, I think we agree that it will decide on how a lot of people vote. Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, No-Deal Brexit – the cycle goes on and on. A key problem affecting the momentum of Brexit is the animosity each party has against each other; their blind hatred and arrogance, is stopping either side from reaching a conclusion.

Taking a step outside of the Houses of Parliament, and the same ignorance can be found tainting social media. Politicians are no longer the only ones spitting hurtful venom on each other, we are doing it to our peers! So often recently, I’ve scrolled through Facebook and Twitter (mostly for the memes) and been bombarded with propaganda from both sides. An old school friend calling socialists “Commies”, a student from your uni branding all Tories as racist, homophobes…everyone seems more interested in shouting abuse than having a healthy debate.

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If you’re feeling the drain, and as a result, aren’t sure who to vote for, then don’t panic – you are not alone (cue Michael Jackson). It’s hard to decide who’s policies suit you, especially when party loyalty is making you question your decision. You might be a centrist (like me) and have no party loyalty to any side. You might even be thinking about not voting altogether because you’re so mentally exhausted from the toxic boxing ring of social media.

Personally, I believe that every vote counts, and if you have registered then it would be wonderful for you to vote (Emily Davison didn’t jump in front of horse for nothing). If you can’t decide which political party is the right one for you, take five minutes to have a brief read of the polices YOU are interested in – when it comes to politics, vote for you. Click the links at the bottom of the post, if you would like to read more about the issues that matter to you. Had enough of social media? I hear you! Political garbage on my timeline used to wind me up, so I started to change my social media habits. Instead of giving these posts my time, I simply started to scroll past them. I deleted people who were hellbent on making their point known 24/7. I reduced the amount of time I spent on social media altogether.

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Tomorrow is an important day for Britain, but it doesn’t need to come at the cost of your mental wellbeing. Vote for you!

See you next time!

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