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A Little Extra – Paper Trail

Anyone here love stationery? Of course you do! What’s not to love about buying a fresh notebook? The possibilities of what you could create on these new pieces of paper are endless. To go with your new notebook, you buy a new pen, or maybe some new coloured pens, since you keep seeing Instagram posts on how mindful colouring will make your life better. 

Skip a few years and the compulsion to buy every time you have a new idea, has spiralled out of control. You now have multiple half-filled notebooks and dozens of pens – and you still think to yourself “Wow I really need a new notebook”

It’s okay to spiral, it’s even better to reflect on years of consumption abuse. The remedy? Find balance. Ask yourself whether this notebook could be better used elsewhere in your life. You’re allowed to tear out the pages of the past, to paint the way for the future. Place all your notebooks and pens in the open, so you’ll always know that you have enough. 

And remember folks, waste paper need not go to waste – give it a new life and put it in your recycling 🌱

Featured Image Credit 📷: ASHLEY EDWARDS

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