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2019, What a F****** Year

Trigger Warning! This post contains references of self-harm. If you’re struggling with self-harm and don’t know where to turn to, please feel free to visit my Help page where you can find websites and numbers wherever you are.

A lot of people will be going through all their yearly successes, and it made me wonder: What have I done successfully this year? At first glance, I wouldn’t say a lot, but actually there has been so much prosperity this year; most of it being reborn through breaking times.

Yes, I self harmed this year, but soon I will be a year clean. I have experienced heartbreak, and now I’m in a happy, healthy relationship. I struggled to get out of bed from crippling anxiety and depression, I also graduated from university with honours.

Many times I’ve doubted whether I should blog, I’ve nearly given up a few times, but as long as I have a voice, I will use it. Sometimes, it seems as though all the bad parts of the year are the most noticeable, in fact, it’s just shown me how tough I am.

Bring it on 2020, I can take you like the badass woman I am!

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