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A Little Extra – Blogger Turmoil

It’s getting closer and closer to midnight here in foggy England (yes, it’s just like the movies) and I’m trying to unwind the negativity in my head, so that I can get to sleep soundly. My feet ache from a late waitressing shift, my medication is slowly starting to kick in – and yet the greatest hump from my day is the limited success of my latest blog post. It sounds almost silly as in the grand scheme of things, a single blog post seems so small. Yet, my brain doesn’t always work logically. Annie the Anxiety Monster kindly reminds me that recently, my number of blog views has been diminishing (thanks, Annie). Debbie the Depression Monster interjects and recalls all of the times I wanted to quit my blog. Whilst I love my blog and the messages I send out into the world, there are times when my posts fail. Despite all my hard work and passion, there are pitfalls that I cannot control. 

But wait a second…on the subject of grand schemes, there is so much Annie and Debbie haven’t considered. Yes, my blog views have been decreasing over the past couple of months, but my follower list has increased by nearly a 100 people in the same period of time. Whilst that one post did not exceed my expectations, it reached a wider audience. And those expectations should not be ruminated, because I know that my standard of writing is high. There have been times when I wanted to throw the towel in, but I wouldn’t be half as happy knowing I gave up on something I am so passionate about. 

So fuck you, Annie and Debbie – this gal is fighting the good fight. At the end of the day, the purpose of my blog is to connect with other mental illness warriors…not to gain the most likes on Instagram. 

Featured Image Credit 📷: Marie Boirin

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