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Chasing the Dream

We all have dreams, aspirations, wants and desires. A part of what makes us human, is to have these ideals of the future and strive to work towards them – hoping that the rewards are as sweet as what instagram shows us. That’s right, we spend so much of our time creating desires out of someone else’s photo album that we forget to stop and think whether it is right for us. Hands up (yes, even if you’re in public) if you have been bombarded on social media with basic white girls encouraging you to volunteer with Elephants in Thailand because “it’s like totally something we should all do”. Or watched as someone your age flies high into promotion-land and settles down in a house you only wish you could afford.

Admittedly, we have all been envious of others. For me, this is a regular occurrence; not that I particularly wish to shovel Elephant shit in Thailand, but the idea of travelling to wherever I want is an aspiration. What’s stopping me from sweating my ginger arse off in the Caribbean? At the moment, money. Yes, money makes the world go round (or it makes me go round the world), and it is a burden that we all share. Sometimes, people like us start to build these feelings of want up and bottle them into a fury tank. At that moment, we stop being inspired and start turning “One day I will go to India” to “God, why can’t I have these experiences? These people are so lucky, they don’t know what it’s like to graft”.

Photo Credit 📷: Marvin Meyer

Whilst green is a colour that matches my wavy locks, it isn’t how I want to lead my desires. Recently, I have been majorly struggling with picturing the future with optimism (wow the depresso doesn’t think happy thoughts, what a surprise). At the moment, it’s hard to picture a world that feels so far beyond my reach. I was once told that everyone takes their own path in life, and that’s how I try to lead mine as best I can. Yet, it is too easy to feed the fiery flames (the redhead has a temper, also a surprise).

However, nothing good is ever easy. Yes, right now I do not have the resources to book a holiday to Copenhagen and fulfil the desire to explore Danish life, but one day I will. I am not in a position to move out of my parents house…yet (take advantage of the free laundry whilst you can). Right now, I am in a job that is providing me with a means to an end, instead of being my dream job – but at least I’m not unemployed, I’m actually working towards that dream job.

Photo Credit 📷: Nils Nedel

Measuring success and valuing others based upon experiences that you have no control over, is like comparing an beaver to a lion (I’m not mental, stick with me here). Whilst a lion has grown up with the adventures of hunting and lounging care-free, it has not had the experiences that the beaver has had to swim and build. Just because you cannot chase down the life that someone else has led, doesn’t mean that you can’t build one for yourself (see, the lion and beaver thing makes sense now).

Featured Image Credit 📷: Ragnar Vorel

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