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A Little Extra – Public Service Announcement

In line with this week’s main post ‘Chasing the Dream‘, careers are another fuel that we can add to the jealousy fire. Not many of us have the luxury of nosediving straight into our dream jobs, and as a result, we try our best to make ends meet. We work part-time shifts in restaurants, bars, shops, etc., even if this isn’t where we see ourselves in the future. Without a doubt, these experiences provide us with valuable skills, but mostly, it opens our eyes to how we treat our fellow human beings.

Personally, I haven’t been working in this environment for as long as others, yet it has shown me the best and the worst of people. Shouted at by stressed superiors, hassled by rude customers and worn ragged trying to please strangers – takes its toll the mental wellbeing of staff simply trying to do their best. I am grateful to be earning money to pay for commodities like petrol, prescriptions and Spotify, and so, I want to reach out to others and teach them how to respect us customer service folk…

…Surprise! It’s really not that hard! Be patient with us, chances are that whatever has happened wasn’t our fault. We don’t cook your dinners for you, please don’t take out your harsh frustrations out on us. We are human, just like you, and just like you, we make mistakes sometimes.

Showing respect to others is the best way to ensure that they will go out of their way to make you happy.

Featured Image Credit 📷: Dan Smedley 

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