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Nearly a year ago, I created a blog that challenged the dismal aspect of mental illness. For years, the media and television corporations have depicted mental illness in two ways: by enforcing us to believe that one half of suffers are prone to violent breakdowns, and highlighting the raincloud misery of the other half. For sure, there are those with mental illnesses that experience these symptoms, and some will have graced both. Yet, mental illness is multifaceted (good word), which is why blogs like this one exist. I have always met hard times with a degree of humour, so when founding this site, I wanted to be able to connect with fellow warriors in a way that may even brighten their day.

When I was watching tutorials, reading other blog posts and investigating the world of digital writing, I noticed that many others had started up social media pages for their blog as a way of spreading the message. Oh, how naive I was (you poor soul). Whilst I’m sure that some bloggers and mental health advocates do mean to spread their content into the world with wonderful aspirations, it can also breed bad habits.

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I have noticed those same bad habits creeping into my world (surprise, bitch). The intention behind social media is to communicate – that we can all agree on. However, the objective of many ‘messengers’ is to sell products, promote a brand or ideology, and design a fantasy world that outsiders should aspire to join. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim to this trap before, this psyche of living through social media to gain followers and likes; there have even been times where I nearly teetered into the world of brand promotion (not another goddam influencer). Going from zero, there is a human need to gain. Sometimes, that need turns into an extreme, where people are changing their core values and beliefs in exchange for social media validation.

It’s no wonder that more and more of us are choosing to go on social media breaks! It’s a potentially toxic world out there. I use potentially here, because like every coin, there is another side. If we started focusing on why we are posting, rather than what we are posting, we will gain a much more fulfilling experience (I have learnt so much from minimalism). In the past, I have struggled to understand and accept this balance, but I’m getting closer to it. I’m growing fond of the idea of letting some platforms go. I have also stopped participating in ‘follow-lifts’ and idly following back everyone that shows an ounce of interest.

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Will I keep using social media to support this blog? Absolutely. Social media does not dictate this blog as I once thought, and I find greater value in adding meaning to my posts rather than create more buffer. Will I be using social media as often? Probably not, but what you will see on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will be relevant to my posts and hopefully provide relief from mindless scrolling.

I will say this though – the best way you can support me and my blog, is to sign up to my email list. There will never be any spam, you’ll get a direct link to all my posts, and you won’t have to download a social media app on your phone or laptop to see what I’m creating.

Adding value into the lives of the few, is far greater than adding excess into the lives of the fake.

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