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A Little Extra – Panic Stations

I really do not wish to add to the cacophony of chaos surrounding COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus), as I simply do not think it is necessary. With this topic dominating the news, there is no point in reiterating the symptoms, what to do, etc (I think we’re all sick of it…get it). I’m also not a medical professional, so I also do not wish to spout a load of nonsense that could cause a panic.

Instead, in this short post, I will be addressing a couple of things you can do to avoid triggering your anxiety over the issue.

Stop Checking the News Every Second!

It’s tempting to leap to your phone to see how many people in your country have the virus, or how many have tragically lost their lives. I get it – it’s current and relevant. However, the more we feed the inner screamer in our minds, the more fuel we add to that fire (and we want to shut that bitch up). So when you have a spare moment to kill time on your phone, play a game or watch funny YouTube videos.

Do something to take your mind off of the situation!

Take Precautions

And no, I don’t mean you should buy 100 toilet rolls (honestly, these people are pathetic). Sure, you can buy tissues, painkillers and soap – but this should be in the quantity that you would have bought six months ago. Stocking up on ‘essentials’ will not prevent you from catching coronavirus (sorry to disappoint you). The best way for you to look after yourself is to be hygienic, this includes washing your hands (also, who wasn’t washing before?!), avoid excessively touching your eyes and face, sneeze/cough into a tissue. These are simple measures! If you start experiencing a prolonged cough, fever, or any of the other symptom, do NOT go into your local GP or hospital. Seek medical advice over the phone, and be prepared to self-isolate.

You cannot always guarantee that you won’t get ill, but you can prevent giving it to someone else.

Introverts, Rejoice!

All those months of coming up with excuses for not going out, are about to pay off! It’s time to update that Netflix subscription and get the board games out. Whilst it is a little excessive right now to recluse yourself into being a hermit, it is wise to avoid large gatherings. By all means, support your local businesses by continuing to shop at independent stores, cafes and restaurants! Not only are they probably feeling the affect of coronavirus on their business, but you also don’t want to become agoraphobic.

So organise a potluck dinner, or go for a pint in the pub; just maybe don’t go to an impromptu rave.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

Overall, you’ll probably get through this pandemic and there’s some grace in knowing that you’re as prepared as possible, both physically and mentally, if you do get coronavirus. Keep living your life and be kind to those around you.

(And leave some toilet roll for the rest of us!)

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