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Sleep Experiment: Lavender Dreams

Here we are, folks! I am at the end of my four week sleep experiment (it’s been *yawn* fun). Over the past few weeks, I’ve listened to bedtime stories, reduced my screen time, taken inspiration from the military, and finally, aromatherapy.

Prior to starting the new week, I already had some issues with aromatherapy. Hands up, I have actually dabbled in essential oils in the past (look, I went through a hippy phase) and lavender had been a trigger for my eczema (scaly boi). However, I was pretty clueless back then, and after consulting some peeps who actually know a thing or two about essential oils, I decided to try it again. I made some lavender soaps and placed an oily tissue under my pillow (sounds gross, but smells lush), just so that my skin didn’t have direct contact with the lavender.

Last week, I posed these questions to aromatherapy: Will lavender help me to fall asleep? Is aromatherapy a load of bollocks?

In short, no and yes.

Photo Credit 📷: Chelsea shapouri

I’ve compiled all the data from my sleep app and borrowed FitBit (thanks, Mum) and aromatherapy came out as the worst of all the techniques. My average time asleep dropped by over an hour, it took roughly 40 minutes to falls asleep every night and the quality scores were laughable. Although, I didn’t really need technology to tell me that my sleep was not good. Most mornings, I woke up feeling groggy and irritable. Yes, it smelt lovely, but boy, it did not work. On the last night, I couldn’t even sleep with the tissue under my pillow as the vapours were already irritating my eczema (you are officially my skin nemesis).

Whilst lavender oil has been disappointing, this month-long experiment has been incredibly useful. Not only have I picked up a generic bedtime routine, but I have been able to tweeze out aspects of the techniques that I will carry forward. I enjoyed listening to white noise, and thus, I have been sleeping with my window open so that the world can soothe me to sleep. Reading before bed was very relaxing and I am motivated to read a little more each evening. The military method really helped me to get my body switched off for sleep, and was a surprising favourite.

As for lavender…go fuck yourself (jk you’re cool for bees).

Photo Credit 📷: Joyce Romero

I hope this series has inspired you to evaluate your bedtime habits and hopefully given you some inspiration.

Stay safe and I will see you next time!

Featured Image Credit 📷: Vero Photoart

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