Crisis Clutter

I’m not going to begin this post by reminding you all that we’re in one hell of a sticky situation right now (is this sentence an oxymoron?). Instead, I’m going to offer you something to do whilst you’re stuck at home (and you’d better be at home).

Take a good look around you (and yes, move your head, make it obvious), create a mental picture of the items in your room and then imagine that it was all gone. That bed, isn’t there. Your TV isn’t blaring away. You don’t even have a mug for your tea (or coffee, whatever floats your boat). You are sitting in an empty room. Is it scary? Is it enlightening? If you’re a fan of The Minimalists, then you may have heard the phrase “You are complete in an empty room” (I’m paraphrasing, don’t sue me), and it’s truly a wonderful saying that I repeat to myself and others from time to time. It’s very easy to look at our belongings as if they are what defines us, instead of a means of providing a more enriched life.

Photo Credit 📷: Christopher Jolly

Whilst I was self-isolating a few weeks ago, I took a stock of everything I had in my environment. I say environment, as I pretty much have control over one room in this house: my bedroom. I cannot change anything in any other room of the house, and frankly, I don’t want to. There are plenty of shared spaces, but this space, my bedroom, is my space – and I can change my space. Now, I don’t believe that I have masses of stuff and over the last year or so, I really have made a significant change to what I let in and out of my life. That being said, under the current climate (you know, the Virus-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named), it’s an optimal time to do some self-improvement.

So I got rid of everything I owned!

Not really!

What I actually did, was get a better understanding of what I would need in a crisis. Keeping within the topic, I need basic necessities like a bed, food, light, warmth etc; all the things I would need if I was lost in the wild (even though I’d probably just stand there and cry). Then, comes the ‘Improvers’, a group of items that probably wouldn’t be vital in a life/death situation, but for the modern world, they’re pretty darn useful. This includes, books, laptops, kitchen appliances (the ones you actually use, not that spiraliser collecting dust in the cupboard), etc. These things are probably going to be beneficial to your life, especially during a time of crisis.

Photo Credit 📷: Raphiell Alfaridzy

If you’re looking at your space and thinking, “How much do I really use that?”, “I suppose that gets in the way a bit” or “That is actually a pain to maintain” – then fix it! Now is the perfect time to declutter the excess stuff in your space (it’s not like you haven’t got the time). You don’t have to be extreme, you can stop wherever you feel comfortable.

These are strange times, and even stranger is why you’ve kept that stack of old magazines that you’re never going to look at again.

Stay safe and I’ll see you next time!

Featured Image Credit 📷: Callum Shaw

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