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A while ago on Instagram (and I mean, a hella long time ago), I asked my followers what they would like to see on my blog. And, whilst admittedly this is months late, I have kept that promise. To be honest, I have been putting off this post for all that time (soz) because I had no idea what to say.

Fun things to do on a mental health day? Seems a bit paradoxical (good word) right?

Well, maybe not…

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A lot of us think of a mental health day as time to focus on ourselves and become grounded; I mean, I even wrote a post about it last year (A Few Small Things…). In that post, I wrote the basics of bringing yourself to neutral and I stand by that. There are a lot of circumstances, where the best thing you can do for your mental health is to bring your head above the water and breathe.

But I had not considered what to do after that…we cannot stay neutral forever.

After looking back on days when I needed some self care, I have created a listicle (because who doesn’t love one of those):

Call On Me

Bringing it back to an example from the other day, I had just come home from a tough shift at work and I was tired, hot, hungry and mentally exhausted from dealing with problematic customers (reminds me of my post about customer service workers ‘PSA’). After I’d gotten changed and ate dinner, I still felt grumpy. Later on, my significant other suggested that we watch Netflix and have a phone call, and at first, I really could not be bothered, but boy oh boy, did it cheer me up.

Need a good laugh? Call up your bestie and gentle bully each other (its what friendships are made from)

The Cool Kids

No, I’m not suggesting you hang out with the popular kids in your neighbourhood, because as an adult, that would be weird. What I mean is this is a great time to act like a total plonker! Grab a ball and have a kick-about in your garden – I have recently tried practising my keepie uppies (I am a failure at them) and I have been loving it! You could bring out an old board-game (not Monopoly though, that will destroy your family), or dance around to some 00’s bangers and eat nuggets for dinner.

Photo Credit 📷: Braydon Anderson

YouTube It

Sometimes I wonder how many hours I have spent watching vine compilations on YouTube, and whilst yes, it isn’t very active, I still find value in it. Is there a YouTuber you like? Or a show that makes you howl? Then, a great way to chill out and still bring that bar above neutral is to watch something that makes you happy. This isn’t exclusive to YouTube either, you could watch an episode of your fave sitcom or listen to a funny podcast. As well as old vine videos (I’m not a TikTok convert), I like to relax to ASMR videos.

Photo Credit 📷: Yaniv Knobel

What are your ideas on fun ways to make your day better? Let me know in the comments below or via social media!

Stay safe, have fun and I’ll see you next time!

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