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Why Blogging Made Me Depressed

Hello friends! It sure has been a while since I did any blogging, dear reader. How have you been? I hope that you all have been looking after yourselves during this horrid year. If you are a returning follower, or a newcomer (welcome!), you will see that I have been gone for a few months. Don’t worry, I haven’t been sick with COVID 19 or had any tragedy, I have simply been simplifying.

What Happened?

Just before I left the blogging universe in October, I was sinking into a pool of self-doubt and depression. I was drastically overwhelmed with the restart of university, pressures in work, and what felt like hundreds of craft projects. I did not have any time to dedicate myself to this blog, and to be honest, I fell out of love with it. Now, I didn’t want to shut the site down and disown my followers – so I left for a mental break. Back in September 2019, I wrote an article about finding passion in your most depressive episodes, and if you haven’t read that, I would recommend it (link). Part of minimalism, is realising when to take a step back and let go, and with the pressure of blogging dragging me down, I simply tuned out.

At first, I was relieved! A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I did not miss this blog one bit. In fact, sometimes, I forgot it existed!

So, Why Am I Back?

Well, that relief faded away, but the depression and anxiety did not. I found that although I had less to think about in my day to day life, I no longer had a way to connect to my brain. I lost the motivation to talk about my mental health, and found myself shrinking away. It turns out, I miss connecting with people and offering the support I struggled to get in the early days.

I need this blog. And I need you, dear reader.

Granted, there will be some changes, to this blog. Other than being the creator of this blog, you hardly know me. So, I will opening my messages and comments to you, popping in some little anecdotes and I plan on even making some video appearances on Instagram (you’re about to see a lot more of this ugly mug). Predominantly, I will be publishing my social content on Instagram (more on why I am doing this will come in a later post), so if you don’t already, give me a cheeky follow!

Thank you for taking the time to support me, and I hope to see you again soon!

Stay safe!

J x

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