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This Is Why I Couldn’t Be Vegan

Vegans are everywhere! We are seeing more adverts on TV, social media and beyond discussing how veganism is going to influence climate change. Over the years, vegans have come under fire for being preachy (trust me, I’ve known a few), snowflakes and melodramatic. If you had asked me this time last year whether I would consider being vegan, I’d have laughed in your face.

As a meat-eater who had never really gone any further than trying a pescatarian diet, I set myself the challenge to overcome my distain (because if you haven’t seen already, I love a self-improvement challenge) to try Veganuary.

And…it wasn’t terrible.

Simple Vegan Beginnings

In the run up after Christmas, I, like many others, felt as stuffed as the bloody turkey. So, the prospect of eating a cleaner, veggie-driven diet was exciting! I bought a vegan cookbook and, had gotten my partner and co-worker on board for support!

A week into January and I was still all guns blazing – and actually, I gained a little sympathy for my fellow vegans. Here I was minding my own business and I had all sorts of people trying to rub how delicious their burgers or cheese was, and how I was choosing to miss out. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love cheese and I missed it, but there was no need to rub your pizza in my face.

Half Time

Two weeks in and my partner had dropped out of the trial, and in earnest, my motivation was weening. I was hungry, missing my protein shakes (p.s. I did buy vegan protein powder but it tasted like Play-Doh) and getting frustrated at my lack of options. It was times where I had come home from work, needing a quick snack and having NOTHING in.

My saving grace came from my weekly meal boxes that my partner had recommended, which took the hassle of reading every food label in Asda out of the equation. By the end of the third week, I was counting down the days until I could have the cheesiest lasagna.

End Result

Was it all starving and raving about cheese? No! I did have some amazing meals and it was really fun to try new recipes and get into cooking. Would I choose veganism as a lifestyle? Also, no! I can certainly appreciate more vegan options and I certainly don’t hate on vegans as much as I did – that shit is hardcore.

This was the start of my new years resolution of challenging myself every month.

So, what did I challenge myself with in February? – well, my dear reader, I guess you’ll have to wait and see (because I’m no writing machine motherfu-).

Stay safe,

J x

P.s. If you want to try a meal box plan (and I am not sponsored by these peeps), then I would really recommend Gousto! Myself and my partner have both loved our experience with them and their plant-based options really got me through Veganuary!

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