Self Care

Natural Beauty

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ This is a phrase we have been told from generations before us – the same generations that told women that they needed to wear makeup, become an hourglass figure and dress to impress. When you think about it, beauty was never allowed to be in the eye […]


Crisis Clutter

I’m not going to begin this post by reminding you all that we’re in one hell of a sticky situation right now (is this sentence an oxymoron?). Instead, I’m going to offer you something to do whilst you’re stuck at home (and you’d better be at home). Take a good look around you (and yes, […]

Mental Health

What I Learnt in Self-Isolation

By the time this post is published, I will be out of my 14 day self-isolation boysssss!. Don’t worry, I didn’t catch coronavirus, a member of my household got poorly and we followed the proper procedure (stay home, hoes). It was crazy though. You look outside and think “I’m fine, why can’t I go out […]

A Little Extra...

A Little Extra – Panic Stations

I really do not wish to add to the cacophony of chaos surrounding COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus), as I simply do not think it is necessary. With this topic dominating the news, there is no point in reiterating the symptoms, what to do, etc (I think we’re all sick of it…get it). I’m also […]