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Surprise Anxiety

Do you ever feel that your anxiety comes out of the blue? Have you ever approached a familiar situation, and yet, suddenly feel like you’re out of control? I feel that too. In the past, I have written about the difference between anxiety and phobias (see ‘Fear‘), and have even discussed my worst experiences in […]

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Anxiety 1: Jess 0

Before I delve into my most recent battle with that little bitch inside my head that tells me to worry about everything (I’m talking about you Annie), I would just like to make a quick clarification about an error in a previous post. In my post “Fear”, I made a statement where I claimed that […]

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A Little Extra – Fear

So we’ve spoken a bit about the differences between fear and anxiety, but also discussed how the two intertwine. Recently I have experienced fear, and so, thought that it would be apt to share these experiences.  As mentioned in my last post, my fear of flying overrides any other fears of mine. Writing this post […]