LGBT+ History Month – Michael Dillon

I will be ending 2020’s LGBT+ History Month series with a post about a trans man, who like most LGBT+ people in history, has been let down by our history books. Raise your hand if you have ever heard of Michael Dillon – I almost guarantee that most of you will not. I, myself, had […]


LGBT+ History Month – Virginia Woolf

Writer, critic, feminist- Virginia Woolf was many things. Unlike the previous two historical figures, Woolf was not as prominent in the movement for LGBT+ rights, but did publish works portraying her bisexuality in the early 20th century. 50 years ago, we were struggling to establish tolerance in a chauvinistic society – I could not imagine […]


Guest Post: Becoming a Proud Demisexual

To kick off my Pride month section, we have a post from a very good friend of mine… ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful Miss Katie (a round of applause please)! Hello! I’m Katie and I am a cisgender lesbian demisexual. My passion is helping others in need, with a dream of one day running my […]